Speaking Engagements

Want to bring your favorite podcast hosts to your community?
As a listener to the show, you know we aren’t like every other speaker on the planet.  Things are different around here, and so are our speaking engagements.
Yes, you could get a boring 45 minute keynote if you would like- just not with us.  We bring a high level of energy to the presentation and deliver thought-provoking messages in an entertaining style.  Let’s face it, audiences genuinely want to learn, but they want to be challenged in an entertaining way.
If you want to move, motivate, and inspire leaders in your community, just give us a call.  The solution could be delivering a meaningful message through a keynote presentation, but it could also be done through small group motivational sessions, Q&A time with your board of directors, or even coaching for an upcoming public meeting.
Find out why Dennis and Jason have presented at IEDC and other industry events.  Have an idea? Let’s talk about it.  You can contact either Dennis or Jason directly, and we will work on a customized solution together.