Encore Episode: Jay Garner on Building Relationships

Your favorite podcast co-hosts are on vacation this week, so some of the best content from the past is up for a repeat presentation.

Jay Garner’s site selection firm, Garner Economics, has lead more than 165 business location projects since its founding.  It is safe to say he knows a thing or two about the site selection business.

In this episode, Dennis interviews Jay to get tips on the site selection process and covers topics such as Amazon HQ2, workforce, quality of place, and mitigating challenges in your community.

Show highlights:

-Approximately 80% of projects start with an existing building, so if your community has no product, it is not likely to have a project. 

-Relationships are also important.  His advice? Return calls, return emails, follow instructions, and nurture relationships.

-His best quote of the show: Your work is your signature.


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